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Have you met Sawyer?

 Have you met our new co-worker, Sawyer? He is a consistently hard-working guy who is known for his accurate work. He’s very teachable and dependable. We love our Sawyer!

When you come to meet him, you’ll discover Sawyer’s has lovely eyes, his skin is red, and he’s actually a very talented collaborative robot! He provides high-performance, accurate automation…safely. He works precisely (+/- .1mm!) yet is safe right next to his human coworkers. Sawyer learns by having a human move his arm to a desired position…and he remembers what to do next time…or next cycle!

We are currently training him to put inserts into molded parts, and to facilitate a camera taking pictures of each shot for verification of parts. Sawyer is so well-behaved that he doesn’t have to be in a cage like lots of our other robots. He never hurts people; if you bump him, he apologetically stops and stays out of your way.

Lest we forget, Sawyer has a new friend on the molding floor: a brand new 600-ton Cincinnati-Milacron molding machine! This sharp new machine is very energy-efficient and even has a smaller footprint on our floor than older machines. Sawyer’s new friend makes great plastic parts!

If you’d like a free intro to Sawyer before you come to meet him in person, you’ll find him at this link:






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